Below you can find information about the campusloop:

Distances & Categories

The Kronos Campusloop has three distances: 3 km,  5 km en 10 km. Each distance has two categories; One for men and one for women.



First aid

Wardrobe & Lockers

The sports center has lockers that people with a union card can use to store their belongings. It is also possible to leave clothing behind in the dressing rooms, but this is at your own risk.


Subscribing for the different events is possible via  Subscribing costs 6 euros.

It is also possible to join as a team. A team can consist of maximally 4 participants, which can be participants of all distances and can be a mix of men and women. To enter a team you can send an email to All participants in a team should also be subscribed individually to a distance. There will be prizes for the fastest team and the team with the best matching outfits.

Subscribing is possible until the 10th of April 18:30.

Dressing rooms

Picking up starting numbers

You can pick up your starting numbers between   18.00 and 18.50 on the 10th of April at the race secretariats in the sports center of the University of Twente  (de Hems 20).



The campusloop will take place on the 10th of April 2024.

The start and finish are on the utrack at the university of Twente. The program is as follows:

19:00 Start 5 km and 10 km

19:10 Start 3 km

20:00 Award ceremony