The contest rules of the Kronos Campusloop.

  1. The Kronos Campusloop is organised by D.A.V. Kronos. D.A.V. Kronos will be called the organiser.
  2. The participants declare to know the rules and comply themselves  with the rules.
  3. Participating is at your own risk. The organiser is not responsible for lost or damaged items, and not for personal injury.
  4. Every Contestant has to stick to the corona regulations what can be read at the information ABC and will be send on the 29th of September.
  5. The contest leader has the right to disqualify a participant, and to get him/her out of the contest. The medical staff has the right to deny a person to take part in the contest.
  6. Instructions from the police, the contest leader and other contributors must be followed directly and exactly. All participants must follow the indicated route. Not following instructions can lead to disqualification.
  7. The law about road traffic and the regulations of Traffic Rules and Traffic signs will stay, unless otherwise is indicated.
  8. It is not allowed that participants will be accompanied by one or more persons on a bike or another way of transport, unless the organization has given permission. 
  9. It is not allowed to take object as pets, other animals, baby carriages, etc. with you.
  10. Participating in the Kronos Campusloop is only for runners.
  11. The contest leader has the right to change the route or cancel the Campusloop when there are extreme weather conditions or other calamities, which make it impossible to continue the Campusloop. When the contest is cancelled, there will be no refunding of the entry fee.
  12. It is expected that no one damages the environment or others’ property, and to not leave garbage behind.
  13. A team may consist of both participants who run the 3km or 5 km. A team may also consist of both women and men.
  14. Changing the distance you want to run can only be done on the day of the contest. The participant will get another starting number, and has to pay the price for the late sign-up. The money for the early sign-up can be refunded. 
  15. The results of the contest will be determined by the order of finishing.
  16. Participants agree with the fact that their names will be mentioned in the resulst and with the fact that pictures and video’s, which are taken during the Campusloop, will be publiced.
  17. Participants agree with the use of pictures, on which they might be seen, for video, TV, etc. for promotional purposes by the organisation, without claiming a compensation for this.
  18. All the situatons which are not covered by the contest rules, the organisation or the contest leader will decide what happens.