Below you will find the regulations for the Kronos Campusloop.

1. The Kronos Campusloop is organized by the Drienerlose Atletiek Vereniging Kronos, which will be referred to as the organizer.
2. The participants declare that they are familiar with and submit to the regulations.
3. For this race the regulations of the Royal Dutch Athletics Federation (Atletiekunie) are applicable. These regulations are published on the website of the Atletiekunie.
4. Everyone participates at their own risk. The organizer accepts no liability for loss or damage to personal property, nor for any personal injury suffered.
5. Every participant must adhere to the corona regulations, which can be read via the Kronos website and website of the Government of the Netherlands (
6. The competition management has the right to disqualify a participant and remove them from the competition. The medical staff has the right to deny a participant (further) participation in the competition.
7. Instructions from the police, race management and employees must be followed immediately and strictly. You should also follow the indicated approach route. Failure to follow the instructions may result in disqualification.
8. The wegenverkeerswet en het reglement Verkeersregels en Verkeerstekens (Road Traffic Act and the Traffic Rules and Traffic Signs Regulations) remain in full force during the run, unless expressly indicated otherwise in those situations in which the organizer has been granted an exemption.
9. Participants are not allowed to be accompanied by one or more people on a bicycle or other means of transport, unless with permission given by the organizer.
10. It is not permitted to bring objects such as, pets, prams, etc.
11. Participation in the Kronos Campusloop is only open to runners.
12. The race management reserves the right to change the route in certain parts or to cancel the entire Kronos Campus Run due to extreme weather conditions or other calamities, where the run can reasonably not take place. In the event of cancellation, there will be no refund of the registration fee.
13. Everyone is expected not to cause damage to nature or to other people’s property and not to leave any waste behind.
14. For teams, additional regulations will be announced via a separate document
15. The results of the competition are determined by the finishing order
16. Participants agree to be included in the results list and to publish photos and videos taken during the Kronos Campus Run.
17. Participants agree to the possible use of images in print, on photo, film, video, TV, etc. for promotional purposes by the organizer for events organized by it without claiming compensation.
18. In all cases not provided for in the regulations, the organizer or competition management decides.
19. If the race will be canceled by incidents outside the influence of the race organization, like corona, participants won’t be refunded the registration fee.

Last updatet 21.12.2021