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In het onderstaande ABC vindt u meer informatie over de Campusloop 2019.
De informatie staat op alfabetische volgorde. Aan deze informatie kunnen geen rechten worden ontleend. Op dit moment wordt de informatie bijgewerkt, dus kan zij onvolledig of incorrect zijn.




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More information about the campusloop can be found in the text below. The information is in alphabetical order. No rights can be derived to this information. At the moment the information is being updated, so it might be incomplete or incorrect.

Campusloopcommittee 2019

The members of the campusloopcommittee are Rogier, Ron, Isa, Gijs, Kay en Thijs v A.


The contest results will be shown in different categories based on distance and gender. The categories are: Men 2 miles, Women 2 miles, Men 4 miles and Women 4 miles. 


To contact the campusloopcommittee, you can send an e-mail to More information is on the page ‘contact’.

Contest results

The results will come on this website, as soon as possible after the race. 


The Kronos Campusloop has two distances, 2 and 4 miles. This is equal to 3.2 km and 6.4 km.

Dressing Rooms

The dressing rooms are in the sportcentre. The dressing rooms can be found downstairs.


The Kronos Campusloop takes place in the evening. Since daylight-saving time is issued in the weekend following the Campusloop, the race will be held (partially) in the dark. Additional lights will be placed where possible.  

First Aid

During the race there will be First Aid. This can be found next to the Bastille.

Foreign participants

Persons without a valid Dutch IBAN bank account number can only participate via the late registration. You can sign up on the 27th of March until 19.00 in the Sportcentre of the University of Twente. 


D.A.V. Kronos is the association which organises the campusloop. More information about Kronos can be found on


Lockers and dressing rooms can be found in the sportcentre. Clothes and valuables can be stored in a locker during the contest. The price of a locker is €0,50 per time using it. It is possible to leave your clothes in a dressing room, but this will be at your own risk.


On the campus of the University of Twente are enough parking lots. There is the possibility that there will be no more space on the parking lot next to the sportcentre, so it is important to be on time for a spot near the race. 


Taking part in the campusloop costs €5,00 when you sign up before the 28th of March 2018. When you sign up on the date itself, it will cost €6,00. 


After the contest, there is the possibility to take a shower. Showers can be found in the sportcentre of the University of Twente. 


The Kronos Campusloop is on the 27th of March 2019.
Both distances, 2 or 4 miles, start at 19.30, on the UTrack.  

Starting boxes

There are no seperate starting boxes at the campusloop. Everyone will start in the same box, 2 miles and 4 miles runners. 

Starting number

You can pick up your starting number from 18.00 untill 19.00 at the secretary in the sportcentre of the University of Twente.


Participating as a team is possible as well. A team consist of four members. The members can be men and women, and be running different distances. The ranking will be done as followed: what number the teammembers ended in their categories will be added together, and the team with the least points is the winner. For more information, see the page ‘Teams’. 

Time limit

The Kronos Campusloop is a race, so there will be a time limit. The 2 miles have to be run in half an hour, the four miles need to be run in one hour. 


Toilets can be found in the sportcentre. 

Travel advice

The start is next to the sportcentre on the UTrack and is attainable by public transport.You would need to walk 15 minutes to get from the station to the Utrack. The start is also reachable by bus, you can take busline 1 and go to bus stop ‘Bastille’. From here, it is about 2 minutes by foot. The campus is also attainable by car. To get here, you have to follow the signs with ‘Universiteit’ on them. There is enough space for parking on the campus.