5th of April, 11th edition of the campusloop!

Clear your calendar! hurry to the shop to get the fanciest shoes you can find! Start your training now, because, on the 5th of April at 19.30, it is here again. The 11th edition of the campusloop. We ensure that this year will be just as great a success as previous years. With as cherry on the 3.14159265359 enrolling will now be freeĀ thanks to a sponsor deal with YER. Nothing can stop you now from enrolling for this amazing event. The sign-up page opens soon, hope to see you there!


Campusloop is next week

Next week on wednesday 6th of april is the Campusloop. There is a 3, 5 and 10 kilometers. The start is at 19:00. Sign up on this link.

The Campusloop can be achieved individual or in a team. Teams exist of 4 persons, who try to finish as close as possible to each other. See this page for more information.

Registration has opened

This year Campusloop will be on april 6th. You can choose for a 3, 5 or 10 kilometres. There is a teamrankign as well, see this page. From now on you can sign up for the Campusloop. Sign up on this page.