Campusloop 29 September: Sign up now!

Choice of 2 distances: The double mile or the 4 miles.
The race starts at 19.00.

Sign up now for the campusloop on 29 September 2021!
You have until 29 September 11.59 at noon to sign up.

Besides the normal race. You can also apply your team of 4 people for the team ranking. You guess to total time you team will take all summed up. The team that is the closest to guessed time will win the ranking and a lovely price. It does not matter if your team is consisting of males or females. Aswell as that the distance of the team members does not matter.
Sign your team up via google forms!
You have until 29 September 11.59 at noon to sign up for team ranking.

Attempt number 3

The new school year is approaching, and so is the campus run! On the 29th of September 2021, it’s finally time, after having to cancel the event twice and postponing once, we’re just going to try again! Preparations are in full swing and as a committee, we are confident that we will be able to organize a pleasant event this year. Registration will open in the next 7 days, there is an individual and team ranking. More information about this later and see you then!